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The Division 2 patch fixes co-op scaling issues

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The Division 2 servers are at present disconnected for support, in readiness of the dispatch of the amusement’s most recent fix.

The Division 2 servers will be disconnected for three hours, due to be back online on all stages at 4:30 am PT, 7:30 am ET, 11:30 am UK.

The present update is moderately vital, bringing a couple of convenient solutions for issues revealed since dispatch. One week from now’s update will be the first to include the new substance, for example, the Tidal Basin, and World Tier 5.

With respect to the present fix, the greatest included change is a fix for the scaling issue in the center. Enormous recently balanced the harm low-level players got when uniting an amusement with an abnormal state player, and the present update improves this further by altering wellbeing scaling.

The fix has likewise reduced the glinting, and twisting impacts when opening menus. Any residual issues identified with the irritated expertise cooldowns should now likewise be fixed, however a large portion of these were tended to a week ago.

Peruse on underneath for the full change log:


Different enhancements to lessen outline drops.


Changed the Clan Member UI shading to not struggle with Elite adversaries.

Fixed an issue where players Clan XP commitments could quit enrolling.


Changed Push-to-Talk to be the default VOIP setting.


Changed Apparel Store buy affirmations to a catch hold activity.

Decreased the UI glinting impact present in the menu.

Fixed a visual bug that would mistakenly show a dark copy knapsack remunerate when opening attire stores.

Fixed the menu twisting activity playing twice in specific situations.


Fixed irregular aptitude conduct when preparing an ability in the wake of having changed to a projectile.

Fixed occasions of aptitudes going on chill off while sending a shield.

Fixed an issue where different Cluster Seeker Mines could be sent in short progression.


Fixed an issue where giving a weapon with mods joined would expel the mods from the players stock.

Ongoing interaction

Fixed day by day and week by week missions not resetting for disconnected players.

Upgrades made to community wellbeing scaling.

Fixed an issue where protective layer/gear scaling would not consider World Tiers.

Fixed ability harm erroneously being scaled twice for low dimension players joining an abnormal state gathering.

Fixed players conceivably getting to be stuck on the “Meet The Division Coordinator” objective in the wake of having played in Co-operation.

Fixed players conceivably getting to be stuck on the “Meet with Odessa Sawyer” objective.

Open world

Fixed an issue that would enable players to redesign impartial control focuses.

Side missions

Fixed an issue that would make low dimension players increase unintended measures of XP by finishing side missions with an abnormal state amass part.


Fixed an issue where some Logitech earphone clients experienced missing in-amusement sound.


Fixed “Explore Categories” and “Imprint as Junk” being bound to a similar catch in certain events.

Xbox One

Fixed an issue where the HDR setting slider would not move.

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